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It’s been real.

Tumblr Hiatus 3.0

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The Wieners Circle — a tiny hot dog stand in Chicago’s Lincoln Park – is legendary for the shouted verbal abuse rained down on customers by the staff. So, naturally, Conan O’Brien sent the nicest guy in the world, 30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer, to place an order.

(Not Safe For Work — hostile, explicit service.)

(Extra credit: Check out This American Life’s piece on The Wieners Circle.)


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always growing out of his comfort zone - god i love this guy’s choreography…

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An interesting TED talk to go along with my previous post on the ADHD epidemic. Excuse me, not an epidemic, as the speaker points out, but a fictitious epidemic that is created in part by the current standards of our education system, standards that may be considered old-fashioned in our digital age.

I am not condemning the existence of standardized testing. After all, there needs to be some system in place when dealing with such a huge pool of applicants. That’s just efficiency. But we need to stop punishing those who don’t fall under these strictly defined categories of who we are calling smart or successful. I know plenty of people who didn’t do well on their SATs who are some of the most brilliant people I know. And just as many who scored 2400s who don’t make the best conversationalists. There are exceptions of course, as there often are when making such broad generalizations, but the fact remains that we can all benefit a little from putting a halt on this huge emphasis on grades. What happened to the simple joy of learning? When did “How do I get an A?” become more important than asking “Why is this true?” 

I’ll answer that for you - when the job market fell to ruins and we were forced to mold ourselves into the most desirable applicants, when we were born into a first generation family and being a model student was an everyday concern. There are hundreds of legitimate reasons why the ability to focus is such a primary goal for so many students. Trust me, I’m living it. That’s why is scares me so much how things like Adderall exists, and how, when push comes to shove, I can’t say with 100% conviction that I won’t go back on these very morals I’m preaching. 

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The "Smart" Drug

this is horrifying… understandable to a point, yes, but the ease and frequency with which people are using/abusing adderall and similar drugs is extremely disturbing.

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This Is Cool, You Should Watch It of the Day: Photographer Cameron Michael spent more than five months setting up the perfect shots for this time lapse video of Manhattan.


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So now when you do Alt + Reblog, the reblog symbol turns green, “explodes” and then disappears.






the tumblr staff are trolls


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putting all long distance relationships to shame

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Trust Us With Your Life premieres on ABC July 10th. If you loved Whose Line Is It Anyways get ready for this. Almost all the same cast is back and improve is going to take over televisions again. 


Side note: I have the honour of being friends with Colin Mochrie and I can tell you all that this show is going to be AMAZING. He has been talking about it for over a year now and my excitement has only been growing since he first mentioned the possibilities of a new show. 

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some people at the gym are really scary… =[

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haha this is kinda perfect.